3 tips for non-flowing summer makeup

3 tips for non-flowing summer makeup

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3 tips for non-flowing summer makeup

One of the most sensitive points of summer makeup; ensure the permanence of long hours. Water-resistant products will be your savior in order to protect your make-up that breaks down in a short time due to sweat, sea, pool and moisture.

1 – For the perfect look

It’s really hard to do makeup in the summer and keep it on the skin for a long time. This is a particularly sensitive issue for working women who have to do makeup every day. You can achieve a more effective result by choosing waterproof products that will protect against hot weather, moisture and sweat. Firstly, use long-lasting, matte foundation for your skin make-up. Thus, it will be more resistant to external factors. By applying transparent powder on your foundation, you can help fix it. You can even use this powder to keep it on your face during the day. 

2 – Concentrate on your eyes

Make sure that your mascara or eyeliner is water-resistant so that it doesn’t run out of time in a few hours and make you look like a panda in the middle of the day. Water-resistant products are more resistant to moisture and sweat, making you feel more comfortable throughout the day. Replace your eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes with waterproof ones.

3 – Stunning lips

It’s easy to keep your lipstick on your lips for hours with the new generation of lipsticks. With lipsticks that promise almost all day long, you won’t have to repeat after eating and drinking anything. Matte lipsticks are more lasting than creamy ones.